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How To Build A List Quickly

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If you’re just getting into email marketing, or if you’ve been in it for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz about how important an email list is. There are so many different websites out there that tell you the most important thing in building your business is your opt-in subscriber list.

If that’s true, then the number one question you should be asking yourself is “how do I build a double opt-in subscriber list?”

Assuming you already have an autoresponder set up, the next step is to promote your opt-in form. You can put your opt-in form on your website or blog, or you can do a specific page that outlines the product or service you want people to sign up for. This is known as a squeeze page. One of the best ways to get people to sign up is offering something for free in exchange for their information.

After you have your autoresponder and opt-in form ready and running, you have to deliver traffic to your blog. A very effective way to get people to your squeeze page or opt-in form is joining a Giveaway event. A giveaway event is an amazing tool that enables people who are looking to build an opt-in list quickly to do it effectively.

Here’s how a giveaway event works:

1.) You first sign up for the giveaway event for free as a contributor.

2.) You add your free gift (the one from your squeeze page).

3.) People who have joined the giveaway event as a member then browse the free gifts and sign up for ones they are interested in.

4.) You build your list 3 times as fast then normal list promotion.

Some giveaway events are not as successful as others, but there have been times contributors have built a subscriber list of 500 people or more just from the event.

Your gift will be shown more compared to the number of points you have. You get points by either upgrading (optional), or promoting the event. The more people you get signed up to join the event, the more points you get, thus the more times your gift will be seen (which of course goes without saying, the more opt-ins you will acquire.)

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