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20. 04

3 Methods to Bring in Site Traffic without Breaking the Bank

Written by: trent - Posted in: Internet Marketing - Tags: , , ,

One of the biggest problems that online marketers and anyone else with a web presence have, particularly when they are first starting out, is generating traffic without having to spend a lot of cash on it. Adwords and other Pay-per-click advertising services are often not an option when the cost-per-click is often outrageous for certain search terms, such as in the ever popular “make money online” niche. It’s just not something you should utilize if you are brand new and your money is limited. So how do you get visitors to your site without emptying your bank account on promotion? This post is going to cover a few methods that are free (or close to it) and very powerful.

At the top of the checklist is article marketing because it is one of the best ways to generate traffic out of all the techniques. And it’s actually something that can be done absolutely free. The time used on writing the content is the only “cost” required. The process is actually quite simple and can be done by pretty much everyone who wants to learn how to make money online. You write articles on a subject related to whatever niche you happen to be involved in, and then submit it to various article directories and other sites that take article submissions. There are actually two key benefits to this; the first is the direct visitors you get from the articles themselves, and the other is the inbound links they give you helps get you higher search engine rankings.

One more great method of getting people to your website without spending a ton of money is by adding a weblog to it with fresh content. The process is quite simple. First, you set-up your blog and create some content to post on it. This can be accomplished via any blogging platform you select such as wordpress or blogger. After you’ve published the content simply go to social bookmarking sites to bookmark your blog. This can drive instant visitors to it. Do this with each new post you publish.

Forums are another great way to acquire no cost traffic to your web site. Nearly all forums will allow you to include a signature file where you may put a backlink(s) to your personal site. You can’t blatantly promote your site through the forum posts and you never should, but by participating in the discussions and contributing valuable content to them other members will begin to trust you over time. When you obtain a positive status at the forum they will start to follow your signature and start going to your website. This takes a lot of time but you will discover it can be more than worth it.

You don’t need a lot of cash to begin consistently driving traffic to your site and making money from it. By using articles, blogs, and forums, you can begin to see visitors at your site literally within days and at zero cost whatsoever.

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